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Monday, December 8, 2008

More Videos

Teasing Kya with the phone:

Playing with Daddy's phone (for the best part, watch to the end):

This is Kya and I playing in the shower at my parents house (I just happened to be wearing a bathing suit from the hot tub, so no worries):

I'm so smart:

Typical day:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kya's month in videos

Be back to check out more videos of Kya later. Enjoy!

I'm a Ten Month Old!

In my nine months of life, I have learned a lot of things and have become very wise in my older age.
For starters, cutting a tooth hurts really bad, cutting four at the same time, hurts like *#&$~!!!! I was not a pleasant baby to be around for a couple of weeks there. It's a darned good thing I'm so cute!
This last month, I got really sick again! This time it lasted 3 weeks. I got put on one antibiotic, then I started coughing so bad that it sounded like "whooping cough". It was horrible! I was losing weight, miserable, coughing, dripping snot everywhere! The doctors put me on a much harder antibiotic. I ended up having bronchitis and walking (crawling) pneumonia. I even ended up breaking out into some serious hives all over my body. (Did I mention Daddy was really sick too this whole time? Poor Mommy, we were all grumpy). I ended up eventually getting better, and boy am I glad that's over with. It was just in time to start cutting those teeth.
We went to Grammy's with Uncle Jason to put in her new floors. They look beautiful and I had so much fun! I got to hang out with my Grammy, Aunt Lauren, Aunt Becky, and G.G. (Great Grandma). We also celebrated Daddy's birthday.
The day after we got back was Daddy's birthday. We went to dinner with the Mac's. I was so happy to see Mady, but being sick I couldn't even play with her. Next time. The next night, Uncle Jason took Mommy, Daddy, Angie, and I out to eat sushi. Okay, I didn't eat sushi, but I did eat the rice and it was delicious!
That is the same week I cut my first tooth. The other 3 followed quickly.
The last week of November, I started really dancing every time I heard music. I love music and dancing. That was also the week of Thanksgiving. We went to see my Lolly and Pops. I had SO much fun! It had been too long and they hadn't even seen me crawl yet. So, I decided it was in their best interest to wear them out as much as possible! I had my first Thanksgiving food and I threw it up all over myself. Other than that, I've decided I LOVE turkey!!!
Lolly and Pops took us to the human body (Body Works) museum, that was really neat! The next day, we went and had breakfast with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Steve. Afterwards, Lolly and Pops took me to get some pictures made in my Christmas outfits. I love having my picture made. That night, Daddy and Mommy's friend Jason Taub got married. The wedding was beautiful and I had so much fun! On Sunday, we all went out to Wharton and hung out there. I played in the grass, on the pool waterfall (Daddy held me the entire time), drank my first sip of hot chocolate (YUM!), and cuddled with Pops.
On December 1st, my Daddy called me from work and I actually said, "Dada" to him on the phone. That was pretty cool! This past weekend, Braylon got to come over and play and so did the Ortega boys (the boys from across the street). I had SO much fun! Then, last night, one of my b.f.f.'s Zia came into town, so Mommy and I went to see she and her Mommy. I think Zia might think I'm a little wild, but I still had a blast!! We really miss them! We came home to find Daddy and Uncle Jason playing video games. After they were done, they played with me. Silly boys.
So, that's it in a nutshell. I continue to wear my parents out, charm everyone, and flirt as much as possible! I laugh, sing, drum, and scream (for fun) as much as possible.
Hugs and Kisses to all,
P.S. If you would like to see the greatest trick and accomplishment of this past month, check out this from Mommy's blog.

Check out Kya's 9th Month Scrapbook

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not

Daddy wanted me to write a post on how lovely my mommy is.
Tonight, I decided to eat a leaf and every time Mommy tried to grab it, I would swallow it. A little while later I started eating dinner and that darned leaf started making it's way up. Mommy, being the observer she is put her hand under my chin to catch all my throw up. It was way gross! Daddy didn't think he could be any more impressed until a few minutes later, my throat decided I had put too many pieces of ham and potatoes in and they all came out. Mommy grabbed those too. Then, without batting an eyelash, she began to break the regurgitated ham and potatoes into smaller pieces and fed them back to me. Hmmmm....we don't know whether to be grossed out or marveled????

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pearly Girly

I am currently busting out not only my first tooth, but my first four teeth!
YAY for me....not so much for my parents and grandparents who have to put up with my serious fussy fits!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Would somebody please tell my Mommy that I no longer am in 6-9 month clothes? I know she's having a hard time accepting how big I'm getting, but I feel my friends are going to laugh at my high waters and tummy showing. You'd think the difficulty of putting my clothes on would be of some reminder, but no such luck.

Barely breathing and with little circulation,
p.s. While you're at it, you might want to remind her that she needs to read the next chapter in her "What to Expect the First Year" book. By not reading it, doesn't make me 8 months still.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

8 Month old Pictures

1) Standing on my own for the first time 2) Playing footsies with Mommy 3) Cuddling on Uncle Jason (nice stache) 4) I love avocados!!! 5) Rolling on Aunt Lauren's stuffed animals 6) Cutie with a sippy!

Life as an 8 month old

I am 3/4 of the way through my first year of life, (amazing math skills you say? My parents were math teachers, what do you expect?) We were gone just about every weekend this month. Exhausting!
One weekend, we went to San Antonio for Mike and Ginger's wedding. That was pretty fun because I met so many nice people! Everything I did, they just laughed and smiled. Mommy and Daddy think I'm quite the charmer! We didn't see Daddy much because he was doing his Bestly Manly duties. It was fun to hang out with Mommy though. I got to see Nick and Brooke Wesson again, they're funny. Mike's family loved on me so much! His uncle walked around and rocked me almost the entire reception.
The day after the wedding, we went to Kerrville for Hadleigh and Isaac's adoption shower. There were so many people, that I didn't really get to play with them as much as I would have liked and didn't get to spend as much time with Aunt Jenn either. Maybe next time. The shower was beautiful and fun though! Mommy was a hostess, so I got to spend all that time with Daddy, which made up for missing him that weekend.
My parents also celebrated their 6th anniversary that Sunday, but since we were so busy, we all celebrated the next day. Daddy took off work, we went to a dollar movie and out to eat (thanks G.G. for the funds to do so). My parents are such nerds! They said they didn't have enough money to buy each other gifts, so we went to the dollar store and they bought 5 dollars worth of stuff for each other. Of course, they picked out their own stuff and half of it was for me. Mom got a mini dust pan and broom to put in my backpack for all the messes I make in public.
We went to Wharton and I got to see some of my family, that was fun! You all saw my Halloween post, so I won't go over that again, but it was awesome!!!
The next day, Jason and Angie offered to baby-sit me so mommy and daddy could go on a date night. We had so much fun! I then of course, let them know that a baby is not all fun and giggles by throwing a large fit, soaking a few diapers, and blowing snot bubbles on uncle Jason's shirt.
We launched Daddy's project boat the next day, and I had so much fun throwing rocks into the canal from the dock. Uncle Jason says I'm going to be a boat captain someday because I liked watching the motor so much. Mommy said more like a pirate.
Lows of the Month:
1) I have been sick for over 3 weeks now. Just when we thought I was better, I got worse! Antibiotics...again!
2) I went to a baby nursery for the first time (this would be a low for mommy, not necessarily me). Mommy taught Kindermusik at a church day care one morning and I went to the nursery.
3) I have thrown up a few times this last week. GROSS!
4) My parents don't put on the Wiggles for me every night anymore. Only some nights.
Highs of this month:
1) I now sing with music (and Mommy)
2) I crawl so fast, mommy and daddy can't find me.
3) I stood on my own the day before I turned 9 months old
4) I know what I want, when I want it...Mommy and Daddy call it "strong will"

I'm finally starting to have a routine, sorta (you do know my parents, right...not such routine people). I wake up around 10 in the morning, kiss mommy and puppies good morning (daddy's at work), Mommy reads to me after breakfast, play, we go for a jog, I take a nap, eat lunch, play (lots), pull Benji's tail, do something with mommy around the house in my carrier (laundry, floors, dishes, etc.), nap (usually mommy is teaching piano), snack, play with Daddy, dinner, play (I love to push the piano pedals up and down for long periods of time), torment Benji, watch Wiggles (sometimes), bath, eat, bed. That's it in a nutshell. I'm in the BEST mood when I wake up.
Here were my measurements from my 9 month check up: 28 in. long (65th percentile), 18lbs. (42nd percentile). I'm ready for yogurt and cheese now. Mommy says once I go cheese, I'll never go back!
Love to everyone,

8 month old videos

Seriously, someone tell my mom to stop singing in all my videos.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kya's first Halloween

My first Halloween was awesome! Mommy and I had lunch with Daddy at school, then went to her old school Chula Vista for the afternoon. We got to see everyone and everyone loved and cuddled on me, especially Kathy.

That night, we went to the mall and Mommy and Daddy entered me in a costume contest. I was a ballerina baby cow. I came in fourth place out of 30. I had fun looking at all the people in their costumes.
Afterwards, we went to a "Pumpkin Patch" and took pictures. By this point, I was pretty tired and hungry.

After a quick nap and food, we went to a big carnival/fair. Everyone was dressed up, it was so neat to see. We went with Katherine and her family. We got home, and crashed. Here are the pictures and videos from my first Halloween. Hope yours was good also.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Months 6 and 7

Okay, okay...we know.....it's been a long time since we updated. My mommy sends her sincerest apologies!!!! Life got kind of crazy and busy, so this was one thing that suffered. Please stop sending her threats. :)
The last two months I have done my personal best at keeping Mommy and Daddy as busy as possible as well! I have accomplished so much!
Daddy went back to work the week I turned 6 months old. He wasn't very happy about leaving me after spending the summer together and comes home and just holds me tight. I miss him too. Mommy said though that he has to go if I want more diapers. Silly mommy! Lolly and Pops came to see me that week too. They brought a piano for Mommy and helped her with a "Celebrate Mamma" event. Lolly and Mommy went early, so my Pops took care of me. I love my Lolly and Pops!
At 6 and half months old I weighed 16 pounds and was 27 inches.
For Labor day, I spent the day at the beach. It was great surf, so we went to watch Daddy. I had SO much fun!!!! I played in the sand and water and took a nap. I think I'm going to love that place! The next weekend, I got to meet my Aunt Sheila and Aunt Barbara and my cousin Cory. I love them already!!!!
Right after I turned 7 months old, Ike decided to make a visit. Fortunately, it turned and missed us. WHEW! Very sad for the people it didn't miss. Mommy and Daddy were telling me that as long as we have each other (and the puppies of course), we'll be okay; houses come and go. Right after Ike, Mommy turned 30. We went to the Aquarium to celebrate and Daddy got Mommy and I Aquarium passes for the year. We've already gone about 4 times now. I LOVE the dolphin tank.
At 7 and a half months old, my Grammy and Great Grandma came to see me. We had so much fun! We went to dinner and to the mall. Then, they took care of me so Mommy and Daddy could have a date night, whatever that means. I had so much fun playing with them and they got me a new outfit too.
Mommy started her Kindermusik classes and I get to do them with her. They are SO much fun! I just love dancing and singing. Mommy thinks that's why I'm developing so quickly. I love playing with the other babies, especially Braylon.
Right before I turned 8 months old, one of my BFF's Zia moved to Houston. Mommy cried a lot because she was going to miss Zia's mommy. I am starting to realize my friend isn't here anymore and I miss her.
I've been really loving my Friday's with Mommy. We've gone to the park, the Aquarium, and Barnes and Noble. We got eat lunch with Daddy at his school, then go do something together. We have so much fun! Mommy has been working hard here at home with medical transcribing, piano lessons, and Kindermusik. Daddy has started tutoring after school. When they look especially tired, I give them a big smile and they say it's all worth it!
I still don't have any teeth, but that's okay.
The things I've accomplished these last two months include:
8/2- drank out of a sippy cup
8/18- started holding my own bottle
8/25- pulled myself up
9/01- Said my first word: Mamma
9/03- Crawled
9/4- Held my own spoon
9/15- Said "Da da" (Haven't said Mama or Dada much since)
10/01- Clapping
I have just been movin' and groovin'. I am on my way to walking. Looking forward to Halloween. I'll make sure to post pictures of my costume.
Be sure to check out my videos below.
Hugs and kisses to all,

My Videos

Due to blogger taking so long to upload all my videos, Mommy put them on Youtube. There will be an account of all my videos. Here are the links for the last two months worth of videos.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It is official...we have a talker~

This is Kya's mommy writing now.
Nick and I have been having a competition to see which word Kya was going to say first, Mama or Dada.
Last night, out of the blue....she says several times....Mama!!!
YAY!!!!!! My heart is bursting!
Nick thinks it's because I'm with her more, but really while he's gone I show her pictures of him and say "dada". I think "mama" is just easier.
We'll see if today brings more words if any!
She's growing up too fast!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

5 Months in pictures

6 Months

AAAAAAHHHHHHH, I AM HALF A YEAR OLD! I can't believe how fast it has gone by. Mommy keeps getting weepy when she talks about it.I am SO long and big! My 3-6 month clothes are getting tighter and shorter. It's official, I am growing!
This past month has been REALLY exciting! I've been SO busy!
We went to my first baseball game. We sat on the grass and I had SO much fun with the McDonald's. We've been still hanging out with the Cowen's and McDonald's as much as we can. It's so much fun!
I got my first sinus infection at the beginning of the month and had to go on antibiotics.
Daddy, Mommy and I went on a little vacation. We went to the Lankfords house in Kerrville. We got to just hang out for a day which was really fun! Then, we went to Isaac and Hadleigh's first birthday party. It was so cool! It was at a nice family's house at the river. We left really late that night and drove to Houston. We spent about a week and a half in Houston. We celebrated Aunt Lauren's birthday. She's so cool! We had a pool party/cook-out with the Holden family at Lolly and Pops house. Did I mention that Uncle Charles, Khala, and Aiden were there too? I loved being with them! Uncle Charles had to go, but we had a great time hanging out with everyone for the rest of the visit. Aunt Darrelle came to meet me too. I got to hang out with Great Grandma. Daddy worked outside a majority of the time, but spent time in the pool with me the last day. While I was in Houston, I hung out with Grammy, Aunt Lauren baby-sat me, I took a lot of naps with Khala, played with Lolly, laughed at Aiden, and slept on Pa Pa and Pops. I swam a lot, laughed a lot, and acted like a diva a lot! I think I was just really overstimulated and tired. I just came across as a little high maintenance. Sorry guys! :)
After we came home, we had a baby shower for the McDonald family. I got to wear my pink ballerina dress from Grammy. It was a lot of fun. We are ready to meet Maddy.
I have accomplished a couple of really cool things this past month. I am eating A LOT of solids and almost prefer them to my bottle now. I can now sit up on my own (not for very long) and I can almost crawl. I mostly schooch backwards. I can suck on my toes, make raspberries with my mouth, and get into a push up position. I am actually sleeping through the night now. I usually can sleep 8-9 hours at a time. Daddy and Mommy seem much more rested.
I am just trying to enjoy every minute I get with Daddy before he goes back to work next week. Mommy is working hard on getting her Piano Studio and Kindermusik businesses going so she can stay home with me.
I'm just loving life and can't wait to see what adventures I'll go on next.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Kya is 5 Months Old

How I love life at 5 months old! I can smile, laugh, sit up, scootch. I recognize people and things. My favorite things right now are my jumpy, rolling over, cuddling with Olly, watching PBS, playing with Mommy and Daddy, going for walks, sucking on fingers, spit out Mommy's green beans, stand on things, pull over things, you know the normal 5 month old stuff.
This last month has been great! Mommy has been home for the summer and we've been having so much fun! Daddy is just now home all day and already I love it! My typical day consists of sleeping in until about 10 in the morning, kissing the puppy dogs, eating breakfast, going for a walk with Mommy, taking a nap, eating lunch, playing, napping, eating again, playing with Daddy,getting rocked and cuddled, eating, you get the gist! We hang out a lot with Zia's family (Le and Adde too) and Cody and Allyson (and soon to be Maddy).
Another big thing is that after my head kept having to turn a 90 degree angle to fit in the bassinet, Dr. Buck made her, and everyone made fun of her...Mommy finally put me in my crib. Daddy was worried about me and Mommy being separated, so he made a bed on my floor for them to sleep on for a few days. Now, I LOVE my crib!
We went on a little trip to Kala Keely's house and hung out with Kala, Uncle Charles, and Aiden. Then, we went to the Lankfords (Aunt Jenn, Uncle Erik, Isaac, and Hadleigh...and Mema). It was Isaac's first birthday, so we celebrated that. We celebrated Daddy's first Father's day. I wore my "I love Daddy" shirt, we took Daddy to dinner, and Mommy made a special c.d. of songs for just Daddy and Me. Daddy sold glow sticks downtown. When the fireworks went off, Mommy was so excited,but I was more interested in my toes. Until the finale that is. When they all went off at the same time, I got so jazzed, started rocking back and forth, then tried to reach out and hug the fireworks.
Other than that, life has been pretty cool! My parents always talk about how much they love me not having colic anymore! Everybody who sees me laughs at how much I smile.
We are heading up to Houston this month to see my Lolly, Pops, Grammy, Pa Pa, Aunt Lauren, Kala Keely, Uncle Charles, and Aiden. I am so excited to learn how to swim!
Until next time, hope you all have sweet baby dreams like me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jennifer's Pics of Kya

So my best friend Jennifer did pictures of Kya and Aiden and they turned out beautiful!!! She never ceases to amaze me! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


4 Months in pictures

Kya is 4 Months Old

I have completed a quarter of my life and am onto a third of a year old. Gosh, that makes me sound so old!
I have an a busy month this past month!
For starters, my Aunt Fifi and Roy left last I wrote. I had a good time with them and Phoebe. Next, it was my week with Daddy. Just me and Daddy all by ourselves. We had a BLAST!!!! We played, and worked outside on the plants, napped, went to the doctor, took mommy lunch, napped, and played. We had a little secret, but mommy busted our secret when she was mowing and saw all of our treasures. Yes, Daddy took me scavenging for metal. We are the proud owner/finders of two more tricycles, and a satellite dish. Daddy is working on building a motorized scooter for us to ride on.
Oh, Mommy also had her first Mother's day. I didn't make the day easy on her, but she didn't seem to mind.
The next week my Lolly came to see me. Mommy stayed home the first day because I was sick with my first cold. We went to the doctor and he said that I had a severe cold and there was nothing to do. So, then I threw one of my big tamtrums at the doctor's office. I think Dr. Buck finally believed mommy and daddy that something was wrong with my tummy. He decided to start me on rice cereal to help the acid reflux. Plus some really heavy duty medicine.
That week, I had a good time with Lolly. I only was a little rotten one day. We fell in love!
Then on Friday, Pops came. We all hung out that weekend and had fun. We had lunch with Suzanne at Chili's. I loved meeting her. She's lots of fun! On Sunday night, Lolly and Pops had mommy and daddy go on date night. They had a great time bowling and going out for dinner. They sure missed me though.
The next week Lolly and Pops took care of me. We just had an awesome time! Pops fell head over heels for me I think. We went up to Mommy's work on Friday to help her load all of her stuff from her classroom. She couldn't believe it was her last day of teaching. She cried a little, but said that I was worth giving up anything in the world!
Friday night mommy and Lolly went for a girls night out and I stayed with the boys. I slept most of the time, but we had fun! So did they.
Lolly and Pops had to leave on Saturday. That night, mommy, daddy and I went to a wedding on the beach. It was Tommy and Allie and it was a great time. We had a late night dinner of pancakes at IHOP afterwards. Well, mommy and daddy had pancakes, I had rice cereal.
We went to church with Le, Adde, and Zia the next day, but mommy, Adde, Zia and I spent most of the time in the nursery.
This last week has been relaxing. Mommy was off work, so we hung out all week. She loved being with me so much! Daddy is working summer school, but I get to be with him in the afternoons. I am trying to get on a better schedule and routine. I am not eating as much as I was the week before, and I've been a little grumpy these last couple of days. Mommy and Daddy took me to my first time in the ocean. I have been to the beach, but not in the water. It was fun! I didn't want to wear my fancy new bikini from Lolly and Pops in the ugly water, but I hope you enjoy the video anyway.
I am getting bigger by the day. Longer and stronger. I can pick things up with my hands. I rolled over from my front to my back. I love to giggle and play. I am really having a fond attachment to Olly. He lets me pull on his hair and hug on him. He just sits there looking at me and then he'll give me a quick kiss. That's another thing I'm good at: smooches.
Can't wait to give you all one!
love, kya

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3rd Month in pictures

3 Months

I am 3 months old today! What a pivotal moment for me! A lot has happened in the last month. Since then, my mommmy went back to work. I really missed her. Good news is that I've gotten to spend my days with other family members. First, my Grammy came. We hung out during the days. My mommy and daddy said she was like a fairy princess who sprinkled dust over the house and made it sparkle everyday. Then, my Aunt Keey (Kahla) came with Aiden. We relaxed and played, it was so much fun! I don't think Aiden quite knows what to think of me....I think we secretly already love each other. We went to Houston that weekend for a friend of my parents wedding. I hung out and cried non stop with Grammy and Paw Paw. We went and had breakfast and a quick visit with Lolly and Pops. The next week, Grammy came back. She had a harder time leaving me this time. This week My Aunt Fifi and Roy came to take care of me. She just kisses all over me and says she's going to take me home with her. Needless to say, I am getting SO spoiled!!!!!!
I had to be put on special formula that is REALLY expensive, but totally worth it. I am not constipated and in pain anymore. I had to get put on acid reflux medicine and that has made a big difference too. Someday I'll get over all this tummy stuff.
The puppies are still a little jealous, but they are very protective.
The big news is that Mommy made a HUGE decision....she resigned as a teacher for next year. She says that her heart is in a tiny body and hadn't realized how difficult it was to leave her heart everyday. She is going to teach piano from home and hopefully get enough students to pay the bills. She and Daddy keep saying that God will provide students. I am just excited to have her with me all day and Daddy all afternoon and evening while she teaches piano.
I am growing stronger and stronger everyday. I weigh a whopping 13 pounds and am looking forward to all those 3-6 month sized clothes.
I am starting to fuss for either food or attention.
Love to all,

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 months in pictures

I'm a 2 Month Old

I am a big 2 month old now. Time does fly! This past week has been eventful! Our friends the Fishers were still in town for a lot of the week, so we had fun with them. We went to Barnes and Noble, watched a movie, and went on walks. Then, mommy decided I needed to learn how to shop. So, we spent all day friday at the mall. Mommy said that even though I have made them poor and she doesn't think she'll ever look right in clothes anymore that they wouldn't give me up for anything in the world! Needless to say, we didn't much of anything, but it was a fun bonding experience for she and I.
On Saturday we headed to McAllen Texas. We had fun just hanging out and relaxing that day and night. We were going to go to South Padre, but we just ran out of time and the weather wasn't great. Our stay at the Holiday Inn wasn't so great either. We had to switch rooms late in the night because the shower didn't work and the hot water in the sink came out brown. GROSS!! Sunday morning we went to a really cool church, then went and talked with our new friend Pastor Terry. We also went to the park, walked around, and took a nap. It was so nice!
I went with mommy to her doctor on Monday, then we ran errands together. She keeps getting teary eyed and asking me, "Oh Kya, what am I going to do next week without you?" I don't know what she's talking about, but I think it has something to do with what she calls her "job".
Today, I went to Dr. Buck. He said I am doing really good! I weigh 11 lbs. and 10 oz. and am in the 68th percentile in both weight and height. He thought that was really cool and said I was the one they designed clothes around. He said that I am just perfect! Mommy asked him about a million questions, but he didn't seem to mind. The hole at the bottom of my spine is still the same, so he doesn't seem to be worried especially because I can move my legs really well. I got 5 vaccinations, 4 of them as shots that made me scream at the top of my lungs and turn the color of a tomato. Mommy was worried about me having so many vaccines at once, but the doc didn't want me to hurt several times. I'm also poo-pooing everyday, which is really GREAT! TMI, I know.
Well, gotta go eat dinner.
Love to all,