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Thursday, August 7, 2008

5 Months in pictures

6 Months

AAAAAAHHHHHHH, I AM HALF A YEAR OLD! I can't believe how fast it has gone by. Mommy keeps getting weepy when she talks about it.I am SO long and big! My 3-6 month clothes are getting tighter and shorter. It's official, I am growing!
This past month has been REALLY exciting! I've been SO busy!
We went to my first baseball game. We sat on the grass and I had SO much fun with the McDonald's. We've been still hanging out with the Cowen's and McDonald's as much as we can. It's so much fun!
I got my first sinus infection at the beginning of the month and had to go on antibiotics.
Daddy, Mommy and I went on a little vacation. We went to the Lankfords house in Kerrville. We got to just hang out for a day which was really fun! Then, we went to Isaac and Hadleigh's first birthday party. It was so cool! It was at a nice family's house at the river. We left really late that night and drove to Houston. We spent about a week and a half in Houston. We celebrated Aunt Lauren's birthday. She's so cool! We had a pool party/cook-out with the Holden family at Lolly and Pops house. Did I mention that Uncle Charles, Khala, and Aiden were there too? I loved being with them! Uncle Charles had to go, but we had a great time hanging out with everyone for the rest of the visit. Aunt Darrelle came to meet me too. I got to hang out with Great Grandma. Daddy worked outside a majority of the time, but spent time in the pool with me the last day. While I was in Houston, I hung out with Grammy, Aunt Lauren baby-sat me, I took a lot of naps with Khala, played with Lolly, laughed at Aiden, and slept on Pa Pa and Pops. I swam a lot, laughed a lot, and acted like a diva a lot! I think I was just really overstimulated and tired. I just came across as a little high maintenance. Sorry guys! :)
After we came home, we had a baby shower for the McDonald family. I got to wear my pink ballerina dress from Grammy. It was a lot of fun. We are ready to meet Maddy.
I have accomplished a couple of really cool things this past month. I am eating A LOT of solids and almost prefer them to my bottle now. I can now sit up on my own (not for very long) and I can almost crawl. I mostly schooch backwards. I can suck on my toes, make raspberries with my mouth, and get into a push up position. I am actually sleeping through the night now. I usually can sleep 8-9 hours at a time. Daddy and Mommy seem much more rested.
I am just trying to enjoy every minute I get with Daddy before he goes back to work next week. Mommy is working hard on getting her Piano Studio and Kindermusik businesses going so she can stay home with me.
I'm just loving life and can't wait to see what adventures I'll go on next.