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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3rd Month in pictures

3 Months

I am 3 months old today! What a pivotal moment for me! A lot has happened in the last month. Since then, my mommmy went back to work. I really missed her. Good news is that I've gotten to spend my days with other family members. First, my Grammy came. We hung out during the days. My mommy and daddy said she was like a fairy princess who sprinkled dust over the house and made it sparkle everyday. Then, my Aunt Keey (Kahla) came with Aiden. We relaxed and played, it was so much fun! I don't think Aiden quite knows what to think of me....I think we secretly already love each other. We went to Houston that weekend for a friend of my parents wedding. I hung out and cried non stop with Grammy and Paw Paw. We went and had breakfast and a quick visit with Lolly and Pops. The next week, Grammy came back. She had a harder time leaving me this time. This week My Aunt Fifi and Roy came to take care of me. She just kisses all over me and says she's going to take me home with her. Needless to say, I am getting SO spoiled!!!!!!
I had to be put on special formula that is REALLY expensive, but totally worth it. I am not constipated and in pain anymore. I had to get put on acid reflux medicine and that has made a big difference too. Someday I'll get over all this tummy stuff.
The puppies are still a little jealous, but they are very protective.
The big news is that Mommy made a HUGE decision....she resigned as a teacher for next year. She says that her heart is in a tiny body and hadn't realized how difficult it was to leave her heart everyday. She is going to teach piano from home and hopefully get enough students to pay the bills. She and Daddy keep saying that God will provide students. I am just excited to have her with me all day and Daddy all afternoon and evening while she teaches piano.
I am growing stronger and stronger everyday. I weigh a whopping 13 pounds and am looking forward to all those 3-6 month sized clothes.
I am starting to fuss for either food or attention.
Love to all,