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Monday, March 31, 2008

7 Weeks in Pictures

7 Weeks

At 7 weeks, I have experienced A LOT! I had my first Easter and it was GREAT! We went to church and I got to wear my pretty new outfit from Aunt Keely. I looked like a princess! Mommy and Daddy ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then we went to their friends house, Harley and Cha. Cha got me a cute elephant and a couple of books. After that, we just rested!
We went to the doctor on Tuesday to see what was wrong with my tummy. Dr. Buck was gone, so we saw a different doctor that mommy wasn't crazy about. I weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. People keep telling me how fat I am, but mommy and daddy told me I'm supposed to be fat, and not to get a complex...whatever that means!
I went to the beach for the first time with my new friends the Fishers. I didn't get in the water though.
On Thursday, I got to go to mommy's school. I met all her friends and students. They all just loved on me. It was GREAT! Who doesn't want to be told how pretty they are for hours?!?! We went to Daddy's open house that night and met a couple of his friends. Then, we went to Donna's house and hung out there.
Aunt Jenn, Memaw, and Hadleigh and Isaac came down this weekend and that was a lot of fun!!! We went to an art show with them and Katie and Josh. Then, we walked forever to Cole Park. I slept through most of it, but I think I'm going to like parks someday. I ran errands with mommy while daddy built a roof at his friends house and then mommy and I went to Katie's house to play with Aunt Jenn and the gang.
We went to church on Sunday where I got passed around to everyone, and to lunch with my friend Zia and her parents. We've hung out with neighbors and out of town friends all week.
WHEW!!! What a week I've had and it's not over yet!!!
I hope to see all my family and friends again soon. For now, I'll stick to throwing up on daddy and mommy and trying to grab those hairy barking things.
sloppy kisses,

Friday, March 21, 2008

6 week pictures

6 weeks old

I feel so old!!! I turned 6 weeks old yesterday. What a week it's been! We just got back from Houston and I had such a BLAST! First, we went to Grammy and Pa Pa's. I decided it would be fun to keep mommy and daddy up until 7 in the morning crying. The next day, everyone came to see me. Great Grandma, Aunt Becky and Uncle Brett, Uncle Mark and Aunt Caroleigh (Josh and Maleigh too), Misty, January, and Aunt Debbie. I slept the whole time!!! I was really tired from the night before, so everyone thought I was a good sleepy baby.
Then, we went to Lolly and Pops house where Aunt Keely and Aiden were. I got so spoiled!!!! Aunt Keely and Lolly bought me a bunch of cute summer clothes. Pops couldn't put me down! Aiden even held me a lot.
I am struggling with colic on a few days of the week. It's hard on me and my parents. They aren't getting much sleep and worry when they can't help me. Some days are better than others, but I've never seen two people so excited when someone passes gas or has a poo-poo.
Well, I think we are going to the dollar movies. We have Emily Hernandez's birthday party tomorrow and Easter on Sunday. I get to wear my beautiful Easter outfit that Aunt Keely got me.
Lots of love to everyone,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

5 Weeks

I am a 5 week old today!
Mommy took me for a walk to celebrate, it was so much fun!
I am getting stronger and bigger every second. We went to see my doctor (Dr. Buck) on Tuesday and I am 10 pounds and am 22 inches long. I also got my hepatitis B vaccination. I threw up twice that evening and wouldn't stop crying, so mommy and daddy thought I might be having an allergic reaction. Mommy read a few tragic stories on the internet (you know how that goes) and so she stayed up ALL night and held me while I slept to make sure nothing was going to happen to me. I'm learning she is a bit of a worry wort.
I have a new game that I like to play. I rest and play all day, then when it's time to go to bed, I cry at the top of my lungs until about 3 in the morning unless mommy holds and cuddles me. If she tries to put me in my bassinet, I just scream some more. It's so much fun for me!
I am able to hold my head up for a few seconds.
We are leaving for Houston tomorrow to go see my Grammy, Papa, Aunt Lauren, Great Grandma, Lolly, Pops, Aunt Keely, Uncle Charles, and Aiden. I'm SO excited, I can hardly stand it. Mommy has my bags already packed.
Well, I am spitting up, so I better go.
Love and kisses!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One month old

I'm a month!

I can hardly believe it myself...one month! It seems like just yesterday I was entering the world screaming!
I am really growing up fast. I can smile and "coo" and reach for things. I can even host a mean staring contest.
My hair is getting redder by the day and growing long. Yes, mommy still puts giant bows in my hair. I've even caught daddy putting them in too.
I am slowly getting rid of my baby acne.
Grammy decided to come and see me for two days this week. We had a lot of fun. From the time she got here to the time she left, I don't think mommy and daddy got to hold me much. Daddy says we're going to have to leave the country if I'm going to ever learn how to walk with all my wonderful grandparents and aunts. Mommy and Daddy went on a date night, mommy had a really hard time and wouldn't stop kissing on me when she got home.
Mommy said that Lolly and Pops got me a bouncer and play mat for their house. I'm SO excited!! My parents keep telling me I'm getting spoiled...if that's possible for a newborn.
I'm starting to sleep a little longer at night...sometimes. Daddy said that he was going to give mommy a break last night and took over ALL feedings like mommy usually does when he goes to work. Daddy is SO tired!!
Anyway, Daddy said he didn't realize he could fall in love with another girl so much!!!!
I'm still really gassy and and that makes me fussy. Mommy says I get my "toots" from Daddy.
Well, I'm off to become a "burrito" (swaddled up) for bed time.
Love and toothless kisses to everyone!