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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our laptop crashed which equals...no video or picture downloads. We'll update soon. Love to all!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, I know...I'm behind

This is Kya's Mommy. I realize she is now 11 months old (and 6 days if you're counting), however my heart is having a hard time digesting that fact! I am in total denial and have taken to live there at the moment. As soon as I come out it, Kya and I will post about this last month. Be patient, it's our last one with just months. I need some kleenex!

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Videos

Teasing Kya with the phone:

Playing with Daddy's phone (for the best part, watch to the end):

This is Kya and I playing in the shower at my parents house (I just happened to be wearing a bathing suit from the hot tub, so no worries):

I'm so smart:

Typical day:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kya's month in videos

Be back to check out more videos of Kya later. Enjoy!

I'm a Ten Month Old!

In my nine months of life, I have learned a lot of things and have become very wise in my older age.
For starters, cutting a tooth hurts really bad, cutting four at the same time, hurts like *#&$~!!!! I was not a pleasant baby to be around for a couple of weeks there. It's a darned good thing I'm so cute!
This last month, I got really sick again! This time it lasted 3 weeks. I got put on one antibiotic, then I started coughing so bad that it sounded like "whooping cough". It was horrible! I was losing weight, miserable, coughing, dripping snot everywhere! The doctors put me on a much harder antibiotic. I ended up having bronchitis and walking (crawling) pneumonia. I even ended up breaking out into some serious hives all over my body. (Did I mention Daddy was really sick too this whole time? Poor Mommy, we were all grumpy). I ended up eventually getting better, and boy am I glad that's over with. It was just in time to start cutting those teeth.
We went to Grammy's with Uncle Jason to put in her new floors. They look beautiful and I had so much fun! I got to hang out with my Grammy, Aunt Lauren, Aunt Becky, and G.G. (Great Grandma). We also celebrated Daddy's birthday.
The day after we got back was Daddy's birthday. We went to dinner with the Mac's. I was so happy to see Mady, but being sick I couldn't even play with her. Next time. The next night, Uncle Jason took Mommy, Daddy, Angie, and I out to eat sushi. Okay, I didn't eat sushi, but I did eat the rice and it was delicious!
That is the same week I cut my first tooth. The other 3 followed quickly.
The last week of November, I started really dancing every time I heard music. I love music and dancing. That was also the week of Thanksgiving. We went to see my Lolly and Pops. I had SO much fun! It had been too long and they hadn't even seen me crawl yet. So, I decided it was in their best interest to wear them out as much as possible! I had my first Thanksgiving food and I threw it up all over myself. Other than that, I've decided I LOVE turkey!!!
Lolly and Pops took us to the human body (Body Works) museum, that was really neat! The next day, we went and had breakfast with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Steve. Afterwards, Lolly and Pops took me to get some pictures made in my Christmas outfits. I love having my picture made. That night, Daddy and Mommy's friend Jason Taub got married. The wedding was beautiful and I had so much fun! On Sunday, we all went out to Wharton and hung out there. I played in the grass, on the pool waterfall (Daddy held me the entire time), drank my first sip of hot chocolate (YUM!), and cuddled with Pops.
On December 1st, my Daddy called me from work and I actually said, "Dada" to him on the phone. That was pretty cool! This past weekend, Braylon got to come over and play and so did the Ortega boys (the boys from across the street). I had SO much fun! Then, last night, one of my b.f.f.'s Zia came into town, so Mommy and I went to see she and her Mommy. I think Zia might think I'm a little wild, but I still had a blast!! We really miss them! We came home to find Daddy and Uncle Jason playing video games. After they were done, they played with me. Silly boys.
So, that's it in a nutshell. I continue to wear my parents out, charm everyone, and flirt as much as possible! I laugh, sing, drum, and scream (for fun) as much as possible.
Hugs and Kisses to all,
P.S. If you would like to see the greatest trick and accomplishment of this past month, check out this from Mommy's blog.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not

Daddy wanted me to write a post on how lovely my mommy is.
Tonight, I decided to eat a leaf and every time Mommy tried to grab it, I would swallow it. A little while later I started eating dinner and that darned leaf started making it's way up. Mommy, being the observer she is put her hand under my chin to catch all my throw up. It was way gross! Daddy didn't think he could be any more impressed until a few minutes later, my throat decided I had put too many pieces of ham and potatoes in and they all came out. Mommy grabbed those too. Then, without batting an eyelash, she began to break the regurgitated ham and potatoes into smaller pieces and fed them back to me. Hmmmm....we don't know whether to be grossed out or marveled????

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pearly Girly

I am currently busting out not only my first tooth, but my first four teeth!
YAY for me....not so much for my parents and grandparents who have to put up with my serious fussy fits!