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Friday, November 28, 2008

Pearly Girly

I am currently busting out not only my first tooth, but my first four teeth!
YAY for me....not so much for my parents and grandparents who have to put up with my serious fussy fits!


Jenn said...

Hey your daughter is no LONGER in 6-9 month clothes! BTW I have a ton of stuff to bring you! We are coming the 2nd weekend of Dec. Will you be there? I DO NOT miss those days of teething....use teething tablets (if you aren't already) They work the best!

Jenn Adde said...

Zia's pediatrician was always a big help and said 'well she has to get used to it, she has another 2 years of this'. Yeah thanks, doc! Zia was crazy and loved to chew on ice. It always freaked me out because it seemed too cold for her little hands so I would give her a cup to hold it in. Or a wet, frozen washcloth. Hang in there Kya!