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Monday, July 7, 2008

Kya is 5 Months Old

How I love life at 5 months old! I can smile, laugh, sit up, scootch. I recognize people and things. My favorite things right now are my jumpy, rolling over, cuddling with Olly, watching PBS, playing with Mommy and Daddy, going for walks, sucking on fingers, spit out Mommy's green beans, stand on things, pull over things, you know the normal 5 month old stuff.
This last month has been great! Mommy has been home for the summer and we've been having so much fun! Daddy is just now home all day and already I love it! My typical day consists of sleeping in until about 10 in the morning, kissing the puppy dogs, eating breakfast, going for a walk with Mommy, taking a nap, eating lunch, playing, napping, eating again, playing with Daddy,getting rocked and cuddled, eating, you get the gist! We hang out a lot with Zia's family (Le and Adde too) and Cody and Allyson (and soon to be Maddy).
Another big thing is that after my head kept having to turn a 90 degree angle to fit in the bassinet, Dr. Buck made her, and everyone made fun of her...Mommy finally put me in my crib. Daddy was worried about me and Mommy being separated, so he made a bed on my floor for them to sleep on for a few days. Now, I LOVE my crib!
We went on a little trip to Kala Keely's house and hung out with Kala, Uncle Charles, and Aiden. Then, we went to the Lankfords (Aunt Jenn, Uncle Erik, Isaac, and Hadleigh...and Mema). It was Isaac's first birthday, so we celebrated that. We celebrated Daddy's first Father's day. I wore my "I love Daddy" shirt, we took Daddy to dinner, and Mommy made a special c.d. of songs for just Daddy and Me. Daddy sold glow sticks downtown. When the fireworks went off, Mommy was so excited,but I was more interested in my toes. Until the finale that is. When they all went off at the same time, I got so jazzed, started rocking back and forth, then tried to reach out and hug the fireworks.
Other than that, life has been pretty cool! My parents always talk about how much they love me not having colic anymore! Everybody who sees me laughs at how much I smile.
We are heading up to Houston this month to see my Lolly, Pops, Grammy, Pa Pa, Aunt Lauren, Kala Keely, Uncle Charles, and Aiden. I am so excited to learn how to swim!
Until next time, hope you all have sweet baby dreams like me!