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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Months 6 and 7

Okay, okay...we know.....it's been a long time since we updated. My mommy sends her sincerest apologies!!!! Life got kind of crazy and busy, so this was one thing that suffered. Please stop sending her threats. :)
The last two months I have done my personal best at keeping Mommy and Daddy as busy as possible as well! I have accomplished so much!
Daddy went back to work the week I turned 6 months old. He wasn't very happy about leaving me after spending the summer together and comes home and just holds me tight. I miss him too. Mommy said though that he has to go if I want more diapers. Silly mommy! Lolly and Pops came to see me that week too. They brought a piano for Mommy and helped her with a "Celebrate Mamma" event. Lolly and Mommy went early, so my Pops took care of me. I love my Lolly and Pops!
At 6 and half months old I weighed 16 pounds and was 27 inches.
For Labor day, I spent the day at the beach. It was great surf, so we went to watch Daddy. I had SO much fun!!!! I played in the sand and water and took a nap. I think I'm going to love that place! The next weekend, I got to meet my Aunt Sheila and Aunt Barbara and my cousin Cory. I love them already!!!!
Right after I turned 7 months old, Ike decided to make a visit. Fortunately, it turned and missed us. WHEW! Very sad for the people it didn't miss. Mommy and Daddy were telling me that as long as we have each other (and the puppies of course), we'll be okay; houses come and go. Right after Ike, Mommy turned 30. We went to the Aquarium to celebrate and Daddy got Mommy and I Aquarium passes for the year. We've already gone about 4 times now. I LOVE the dolphin tank.
At 7 and a half months old, my Grammy and Great Grandma came to see me. We had so much fun! We went to dinner and to the mall. Then, they took care of me so Mommy and Daddy could have a date night, whatever that means. I had so much fun playing with them and they got me a new outfit too.
Mommy started her Kindermusik classes and I get to do them with her. They are SO much fun! I just love dancing and singing. Mommy thinks that's why I'm developing so quickly. I love playing with the other babies, especially Braylon.
Right before I turned 8 months old, one of my BFF's Zia moved to Houston. Mommy cried a lot because she was going to miss Zia's mommy. I am starting to realize my friend isn't here anymore and I miss her.
I've been really loving my Friday's with Mommy. We've gone to the park, the Aquarium, and Barnes and Noble. We got eat lunch with Daddy at his school, then go do something together. We have so much fun! Mommy has been working hard here at home with medical transcribing, piano lessons, and Kindermusik. Daddy has started tutoring after school. When they look especially tired, I give them a big smile and they say it's all worth it!
I still don't have any teeth, but that's okay.
The things I've accomplished these last two months include:
8/2- drank out of a sippy cup
8/18- started holding my own bottle
8/25- pulled myself up
9/01- Said my first word: Mamma
9/03- Crawled
9/4- Held my own spoon
9/15- Said "Da da" (Haven't said Mama or Dada much since)
10/01- Clapping
I have just been movin' and groovin'. I am on my way to walking. Looking forward to Halloween. I'll make sure to post pictures of my costume.
Be sure to check out my videos below.
Hugs and kisses to all,

My Videos

Due to blogger taking so long to upload all my videos, Mommy put them on Youtube. There will be an account of all my videos. Here are the links for the last two months worth of videos.