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Monday, December 8, 2008

More Videos

Teasing Kya with the phone:

Playing with Daddy's phone (for the best part, watch to the end):

This is Kya and I playing in the shower at my parents house (I just happened to be wearing a bathing suit from the hot tub, so no worries):

I'm so smart:

Typical day:


Jenn said...

OMGoodness! She is so good at her signs! That red turtle neck was one of my VERY favorites that Hadleigh wore!! Can't wait to see you guys!!

Jenn Adde said...

So now Kya is going to expect that every phone should sound like a cow bell :) I love when they first start understanding everything you say. I will have to try taco tongue next time :P

Mema said...

love the shower video ... my favorite thing in the whole world... baby laughs! Yea Kya, love you bunches! Your getting so big and beautiful ... and smart too!

Becoming Me said...

She is such a sweet delight!